Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Pillars of Triology

Jefferson Memorial, Photo by Glenn CampbellTriology is a philosophy of life based on several key concepts called "The Pillars". Each is useful but can't by itself tell you how to lead your life. We have a complete philosophy only when we put them all together.

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The four Pillars are...
  1. Predictive Hedonism — Pure hedonism, doing what feels good right now, will only take you so far, but when you start predicting your own feelings far in the future and planning to address those needs, you start to build a decent life.

  2. Triage — The process of rationing your resources for the greatest possible effect. Whatever you decide to do, your resources will never be adequate, so you have to actively choose how to parcel them out.

  3. Field of Responsibility — If you have only limited resources and the needs of the world are huge, it becomes critical to know where your responsibilities lie. By understanding your responsibilities as a "field" that extends out from you, affected by your own past actions, it becomes easier to decide how to direct your resources.

  4. Reality Testing — Reality has its own structure, independent of our needs, wishes or theories. To accomplish anything in the world, we must explore and test reality to find out how it really works.
For tools concepts to help you implement the above Pillars, see the Triology Toolbox.

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