Sunday, October 21, 2012

Etymology of "Triology"

I invented the term "triology" (pronounced "tree-ALL-ogy") on Oct. 12, 2012 and started this blog the next day. The term existed before me but not in the sense I am using it: "the study of triage" or "triage philosophy". (See Triology Defined for what I think the word means.)

The term is intended to describe a whole system of philosophy, like "objectivism" or "rationalism". In fact, I could have called my new philosophy "triagism", but that doesn't roll off the tongue too easily.

On Oct. 12, I was driving through Maine, trying to think of a single simple term to describe the philosophy I had been thinking about for years. Triage has always been a key part of my system, so I riffed on that. Triology may echo the term Scientology™, which I had been thinking about at the time. I think Scientology itself is nonsense, but I am intrigued by the idea of whole system of philosophy that people build their lives around. I had just seen the movie The Master about a week before and it no doubt played a role in my thinking. (I found the movie both awful and a hoot at the same time.) Unlike Scientology™, I don't plan to trademark the term or set up any money-marking organization around it. You are welcome to take anything your want from my philosophy for free. Just remember where you got it!

One who studies triology or triage is a "triologist". If someone else's ideas are similar to mine, you could call those ideas "triologistic".

I'm still debating whether "Triology" should be capitalized. I tend to think it should be when referring to the whole system of knowledge, much like an organization or religion would be capitalized. My philosophy has really made the grade when people start using it in the lowercase (triology), as that would assume it is a real world in the English language whose meaning people now take for granted.

To learn more about my philosophy, start with The Pillars or visit the Welcome Page.

UPDATE: Nov. 30, 2015

I've revived my philosophy and decided to name it Triagism after all. Here is my new video announcing my philosophy....

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