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Welcome to Triology, a philosophy of life. "Triology" is a made-up term intended to mean "triage philosophy" or "the study of triage". (See Triology Defined.) In a nutshell, this philosophy says that your own actions can only be evaluated according to other things you could be doing with the same resources. It isn't enough to "do good". You have to do the best you can with the inadequate resources you have.

In battlefield medicine, "triage" means the sorting of wounded soldiers and the assigning of medical resources to them so the maximum number of patients survive. The same concept also applies in nearly every aspect of your own life! No matter what you decide to do, the resources at your disposal are never enough, so you have parcel them out for the maximum effect.

Triage is a key tool of Triology but cannot in itself tell you what to do with your life. That will be tackled by other aspects of this philosophy.

==> To explore Triology, start with the Quick Start Guide or The Pillars that form its base.

Note: This website is still at its early stages. It will consist of a series of short articles connected together as a tree structure. You can read the articles in any order you want, but it suggested you start with The Pillars. If you see a term in bold print, it refers to an article that has not yet been written. See Recent Additions for newly added articles.

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